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How To Plan A Mobile App Budget

by Innovimobile Administrator on July 30, 2018

Coming up with a budget for your mobile app isn’t easy. There are a lot of different factors that come into play. We are going to break down step by step how you can plan to budget your money for your mobile app.


The first step is identifying a need for a mobile app.

  • Creating an extension of your already existing brand to provide your customers a mobile friendly experience.
  • Your competitors are creating an app and you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

Remember to identify a clear objective to help guide you so you can make the most of your mobile app budget.

Choose Your Platform

There are different types of platforms these days and each of them runs differently. After you have identified the need for the product you can then pick your platform. Developers typically choose between Apple, Android or Windows as these are the 3 most widely used. Every platform will have a different set of expenses.

In-Built or Outsourced?

What we mean is do you plan on developing the app yourself or do you plan on sourcing another company? Most businesses who want an app don’t have the options of creating an app in their office so they outsource. You also have the option of creating your app in house, although these are usually lower quality, which is why most decide on finding someone to create the app. Remember to do your research. Check out our blog post on what to look for when searching for an app developer for tips and information!


It is time to figure out what level of functionality you want to provide using your app! Apps that offer higher function tend to cost more, so keep that in mind. Remember to also consider:

-Social Media Integration

- In-app purchasing

- App Launch Cost

- Server Backup


The last (but not final) step! Submit it to the stores of choice. Submitting an app on iTunes is about $99, Android is $25. Using windows is much cheaper and it usually is around $12. Always stay up to date with policies regarding which platform you are going to use.

App Marketing

This is probably the most important step because your app won’t go anywhere if you don’t market it correctly. Make sure your app is landing on all the right social media outlets, popular blogs and it gets in the hand of the press. You want this news everywhere! Once your app is out there it’s time to analyze your analytics. You can check out our blog post here to guide you.

If you’re wondering how your app can make money you can also check out our blog post here!

There are many different ways you can market your app but are you wondering how much you should spend on marketing? There are many different channels and that's why we have a whole blog dedicated to them!  

Topics: Mobile App Development, Mobile App