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Case Study: Sonifi Health

by Innovimobile Administrator on November 14, 2018
Client: Sonifi Health
Timeline: 2015 - ongoing
Project Size: $50,000 - $199,999
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The Challenge

SONIFI Health has been a leader in delivering interactive content and connectivity solutions for more than 30 years. They provide interactive patient technology that inspires active patient participation along the care continuum for positive behavior changes and outcomes.

Hospitals associated with SONIFI Health are undergoing an industry transformation triggered by the Affordable Care Act. A key component in the relatively new legislation is a financial penalty that negatively impacts hospitals that aren’t taking steps to reduce the rate of readmission.

In addition, SONIFI Health’s television entertainment systems that are already deployed in many hospitals don’t have an effective patient engagement and education solution.

The healthcare solutions provider reached out to InnoviMobile for an application that would provide a working solution to both of these challenges.

The Solution

In order to assist SONIFI Health in patient engagement and education, InnoviMobile developed cross-platform tablet applications, along with a sophisticated business logic and content management back-end system.

The platform provides hospitals the ability to deliver educational text and video content. It includes features that give patients the ability to order their meals (a huge time-saver for the nursing staff),  learn about their care team, watch movies, and even video conference with their care providers working in remote locations.

The Result

InnoviMobile’s solution for SONIFI Healthcare helps educate patients and improve efficiency of hospital staff, comply with federal regulations, and at the same time improve the patient experience at hospitals nationwide.

As patients become more education and healthcare professionals become more efficient, overall healthcare improves in an effort to combat readmission of patients in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, allowing SONIFI Health to improve patient care for their hospital clientele.

Topics: Case Studies