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Case Study: APS

by Innovimobile Administrator on November 15, 2018
Client: Arizona Public Service Company
Project Duration: 12 months 
Project Size: $50,000-$100,000

The Challenge

Arizona Public Service Company has been powering Arizona’s economic growth since 1886. Healthy, vital communities are an essential part of its vision to create a sustainable energy future for Arizona.

After heavily investing in mobile devices throughout the enterprise, APS came to the realization that it was time to make these devices more useful by attempting to remove or greatly reduce paper workflows.

Safety checks were a natural place to start. Paper workflows in this area are cumbersome and expensive to administer, so a team of APS engineers began development of an application designed to replace a safety check workflow, providing their users with electronic access to safety manuals.

After the initial internally-developed project, APS decided that it was time to identify a partner to continue the evolution of a grass roots development effort –  InnoviMobile.


The Solution

The core product helps safety engineers report problems to safety inspection teams in the most expedient way possible. An audit trail is created to improve efficiency and provide documentation to show completion of internal system checks.

APS partnered with InnoviMobile to improve the application, as well as to integrate it with their enterprise mobility management solution for secure data transfer and application management. InnoviMobile made recommendations on how to make the solution more effective and on how to implement it on multiple mobile platforms.


The Results

InnoviMobile’s expertise helped prepare the application for deployment for thousands of employees that are now empowered to make the move away from a paper workflow and towards a smartphone-based safety check system.

With the application InnoviMobile was integral in developing, reporting will be significantly faster, improving safety. In addition, electronic records will improve employee’s ability to quickly review data for regulators.

Topics: Case Studies